Who we are

As professionals in choreography and creative directing, Koen & Roemjana are experts in partnering skills, latin, ballroom and allround dance entertainment. They have numerous years of experience in theatre, film and TV productions. 

Roemjana de Haan

Roemjana has made her marks within and outside the world of dance. As creative director and choreographer, she stood at the foundation of several major theatre, television and film productions. She is most well-known for her work in So You Think You Can Dance, The Ultimate Dance Battle en Dance, Dance, Dance

Everything that has to do with dance drives her to the utmost to reach for the finest outcome. Together with Koen she obtained multiple titles as a dance couple and since 2001 they form a successful partnership.

For the last four years, Koen & Roemjana have been creative directors of Dancing with the Stars Belgium. Together with the team, they made it happen to bring new life to the formula and turned it into a major success.

Alongside her career, Roemjana also managed to obtain her master’s degree in Contemporary Dance, Theatre & Dramaturgy at the University of Utrecht.

As a teacher she has developed the course Theatre Latin Standard Dance together with Koen and Lucia Marthas. Since 2010, this is an essential part of the dance domain at Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts.  

Koen Brouwers

As creative director and choreographer Koen has shaped many productions for theatre, television and film. Besides his work in television shows like So You Think You Can Dance, The Ultimate Dance Battle and Dance, Dance, Dance, he is known as head of choreography for popular Dutch series ’t Schaep and Koekieloekie

Koen has a strong will, a down to earth approach and loves to collaborate. He has a good overview of what needs to happen, is clear in his communication and has the ability to always create a relaxed and transparent working environment.  

Recently, as head of choreography together with Roemjana, he worked on TV series Het Jaar van Fortuyn and De Stamhouder and for four years now, Roemjana and Koen have been creative directors at Dancing with the Stars Belgium. Not entirely unexpected, this program is near to their hearts, since they themselves have been part of the first version of the show in The Netherlands.  

Currently, Koen & Roemjana are working as creative director and choreographer on the TV show The Greatest Dancer. This will air in spring 2023.